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Forum : Suggestions : Can someone change the description of the Drum n Bass genre?

Lambdoid [uk]
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Post: 1
Last track: Granny Banger
It's inaccurate. Drum n Bass evolved from jungle(not garage), which itself came from a mixture of hardcore and ragga/dub/reggae. The beats tend to be simpler than jungle, often just a simple twostep, with more emphasis on the bassline rather than the beats. And it's certainly not less aggressive than jungle. It's faster, harder and way, way dirtier(well techstep/neuro anyway). Although there are many jazz-influenced tunes, especially in the earlier days of DnB, and later on in the liquid subgenre, a lot of tunes are dark and techy, with horror film samples and tricked out, snarling mutant reeses.
sporsmaal2 [fr]
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Post: 76
Last track: Grafique (Chiken Pox Mix)
see what u mean about jungle and not garage
but drum and bass is a general description
its not just twostep or whatever