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Warbaby - The Smell Of Your Fear


Well, not sure about the name as well (always a problem for me - head too full of other shit).
It's kind of trip hopy, no? I will put it under experimental again though, as I haven't framed myself yet under any style/styles...





vexkon [uk] - 17 years ago

the smell of my fear is usually... urine lol. nice raw action here warbabe, keep exploring your depth.

Distreality [be] - 17 years ago

wow warbaby....

this is definitely the best I heard from you so far imo...

thumbs way up !!!!

you are progressing very fast !!!

keep it up , I think our coop will work out greatly...

StaticZi [uk] - 17 years ago

kool i like, the beats in the start remind me of steam rail engines pretty nice industrail feel to it nice.thumps up

LiquidBass [uk] - 17 years ago

cool mixup of industrial, trip-hop, idm....thumbs up!

one of your best!

Swan [be] - 17 years ago

jaws is the name of the movie
a classic one
had the same feeling as i heard the first notes

creepy tune
the lead sound is too loud imo

Warbaby [uk] - 17 years ago

I wasn't talking about your fear lol!
(no offence, only kiding. that's not what I meant.) people were saying to me though that the beginnig from it reminds very much of some movie with sharks or smth...didn't know it so don't remember. The to first sounds are actually stolen from Dvoraks 9th symphony. the rest is mostly vst + some samples

Warbaby [uk] - 17 years ago

yeah that's right Swan.
thank you everyone for your comments.
and no offence vexkon. kind of good notice of possible interpretation...just didn't thought about it at all when naming it that way

dtr [be] - 17 years ago

rough & dark: love that! cool industrial feel to it.

swan is right about the lead sound. i'd like to turn the volume up to feel the beat but this sounds cuts through to hard. doesn't vibe well with my hangover ;)

maybe a second melodic element could complement it at some point?

shoutingmess [fr] - 17 years ago

really cool!
thumbs up

KWeN [be] - 17 years ago

Really good one !

But I think you should rework a bit the mastering, it crashes when volume is a bit too loud...

Keep doing tracks like this !

S-cape [be] - 17 years ago

Nice track miss ^^
I only can say that maybe you can break the repetitivity ? But here ts just a question of taste... However good punsh mastering ! thumbs up and long live in the top50 ^^

brandtkalk [be] - 17 years ago

yes really drama! and i like the down tempo, that give heavy ambient!

Phyzz [fr] - 17 years ago

Really nice. So dark so good!
A good intro and a good title too.

Bullish [uk] - 17 years ago

It's definitely the smell... taste... sight and every other sense of fear that I can think of. Very uneasy and hard to listen to, but that's the beauty of it - good work!

MucH [be] - 17 years ago

Uchh :D

Powerfull noisy track :D

Do you use a sample from the movie Shark ? :P

I like it a lot

Warbaby [uk] - 17 years ago

oh..to the question if I've sampled it from Shark - no. forgot about this movie and haven't seen for ages ages...since being a kid

quioui [be] - 17 years ago

omg i love this song.. really great beats and synths!