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Profession: musician
City: york
Age: 50 years
I Play: electronica
with: keyboards, flutes, saxes, guitars, computers, decks


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We'd like to introduce you to an exciting new electronica band with a fresh sound, called: The Projects.

The band was formed in 2005 by singer Jen Low and keyboard player Jools Slater, and are often compared to Goldfrapp or Massive Attack, with lush panoramic production and deliciously soulful vocals.

Jen had been in a couple of bands and was writing songs and doing vocal session work when she first met up with Jools, a jazz flautist who had been working on an experimental collection of electronica studio mixes and collaborating with various DJs and producers.

Together they started to mix dance beats and acid jazz with hiphop, indie rock and soul vocals, and eventually started working very closely with Producer Phantomdrum to produce an entire collection of tunes that became the basis of the live set and forthcoming album: a diverse mix of: triphop, soulful house, electronica, lounge, prog techno, downtempo and even D&B.

Aside from their own shows, they have supported bands such as The Infadels and This is Seb Clarke as well as Ibiza's DJ Buckley and to date their tunes have had over 40,000 internet plays.

The debut EP, Trancendentalism, features six amazing new tracks:
Averse - A kickin' Phantomdrum remix of the guitar-led live set tune, with some awesome rock flute solos. Past Perfect - A gorgeously dreamy, wide spectrum down-tempo classic. Lover - A soulful house dancefloor number. Suspicious Minds - A dark and brooding chillout piece.

PLUS, two bonus free tracks: The astonishing 52,000FT High, remixed and re-wired by Producer/DJ Tidal into a very stylish drum and bass masterpiece (currently hitting dancefloors across the US!) and: Past Perfect (unplugged) Taken from the BBC live sessions - A deliciously laid back version of this tune with a very spacial vibe. Pure trip!

"Fantastic sounds. It really is great!" - Matt Seymour. BBC
"A very cool tripped-out soul vibe" - Zonal, Channel Four
"Definitely worth a listen. Check them out!" - Oreonix, FreeMindRadio.
" Utterly splendid! " - Jim Nye, Idyllic Music Podcast
"Superb! Deserves to be played all summer!" - Scobie. Tuffduck podcasts.

The EP is currently on sale as downloads through iTunes, Napster Virgin Digital, Channel Four Slash Music and a whole host of mainstream sites and the CD is available from www.cdbaby.com as well as at selected stores.

For more information visit the website: www.myspace.com/thebristolsound email: theprojects@fmail.co.uk or telephone: 0776 950 4794.



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